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As parents, we do everything to keep our kids safe, and that meansproviding them with masks and a safe, non- toxic hand sanitizer like FRONTLINE Organic Fresh® KIDZ CARE amid COVID-19. While hand-washing is the best way to prevent your family from catching the coronavirus, hand sanitizer is a great option when that isn’t possible.

Many Food and Drug regulatory authorities worldwide have recalled certain toxic and  alcohol based sanitizers because they contained among others the toxic substance methanol — otherwise known as wood alcohol  which obviously means they’re unsuitable options for little ones.

YOU use them to keep your kids germ free, but hand sanitizers could be more dangerous than you think.

Over the last few years there has been an increase in kids suffering eye irritation, vomiting and even cases of children ending up in a coma after ingesting alcohol-based sanitizers.

Why choose natural hand sanitizers?

As parents, we want what’s best for our kids. Natural hand sanitizers are made from organic and mild ingredients that protect the skin and keep illnesses at bay. No chemicals need to be added when natural ingredients such as flavonoids and plant extracts destroy the germs and bacteria while also leaving your skin feeling moisturised.

Most importantly, natural hand sanitizers and personal care products are safe for kids. Not only do chemicals affect normal and healthy skin, but they also worsen skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Parents that have noticed alcohol-based products drying out their baby’s skin should use FRONTLINE Organic Fresh® KIDZ CARE sanitizer to prevent rashes, itchiness and dry skin. Our natural hand sanitizers use carefully selected essential oils like Lemongrass that keep the skin soft and smelling pleasant on the go. So, for your kids’ health and skincare needs, our hand sanitizers are the way to go.


Certain hand sanitizers are being sold in packaging that could appeal to children, such as squeeze pouches that typically contain food or beverages. Parents and guardians should be particularly vigilant about these products because children may accidentally mistake them for edible products and consume them.

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