• FRONTLINE Organic Fresh® is a carefully formulated complex of unique flavonoids and plant extracts focused on the strengthening of the capacity of bacteria and microbes to limit and even eliminate the negative and potentially harmful outcomes of viral attacks. This is particularly well established through strengthening cell walls.


  • The flavonoids and other beneficial compounds in FRONTLINE Organic Fresh® have shown to stimulate bacteria specific unique restriction patterns in genes to effectively protect host bacteria and microbes through the formation of defence mechanisms, allowing bacteria to chop up potentially harmful foreign DNA (e.g., DNA from bacteria-infecting viruses)


  • FRONTLINE Organic Fresh® formulations can be absorbed through the skin and the mucus membranes of the body, nose, mouth and lungs, making it a very suitable carrier for the flavonoids to be absorbed in the bloodstream and as such reach the important infected areas in the respiratory channel.


  • The positive effects of flavonoids on the different aspects of human health have been extensively researched over a very long period.


  • International research-proven ingredient specific medical oral intake confirmation.


  • Application through mystifying sprays outside and inside.

    This focuses on different target areas:


  • Outside – to distribute the protective effect of FRONTLINE Organic Fresh® on surfaces and groups. Target sprays should be applied at least once per day.


  • Inside buildings – as air spray and to cover all exposed surfaces without incurring an accumulation effect. This will also ensure that individuals and groups inside buildings can continuously provide protective sprays of the effective flavonoids and compounds to secure protection against the destructive effects of the COVID19 in the lungs of individuals.


  • This will provide added health benefits to exposed individuals whilst promoting a protective and restorative respiratory experience to the individual.